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Extended Event System

The Extended Event System is one of the modules that makes our bot unique. You have the possibility to create your own commands and to adapt the offer so that it is perfectly tailored to your guild.

Creating an event is very simple. Execute the following command in your guild “disc0rd/admin” and you will receive a link in the private chat with which you can log in to the web interface. In the web interface you simply select Extended Event System in the left bar. Now press on Create Event at the top.

Now you have to choose a name for your event. Then you have to choose which event the bot should react to. When the event has been created you can configure the event. It is best to take a close look at the help for each event and the configurations. To do this, go with the mouse over the question mark icon to display the help.

After configuring, it’s time to add an action to your event. You do this by pressing Add Action next to the name of your event. After pressing you have to choose which action should be carried out when your event is triggered.

You can use placeholders in the action settings. To use a placeholder, look in the help for actions and events which value is saved under which key. As an example for the on Chat event, the user’s id is saved under the key “event-sender-id”. To be able to use this value, simply write a curly bracket in front of and after the key in the config. Example: “This user triggered the event: <@{event-sender-id}>”

If you need an ID for a configuration you can simply use the command “disc0rd/debug id“.

A fully set up event could look like this:

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